We’re leading the way in recovered fuel solutions.

We take great pride in what we do. And what we do is recovered fuels; RDF, SRF, Hazardous and Wood Waste.

RDF comprises non-hazardous municipal and commercial waste that’s been sorted and processed, with recyclables, organics and fines removed – so it’s ready to feed into Waste to Energy (WTE) plants.

We collect RDF from waste management companies in the UK then deliver it to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants across Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

With an unrivalled understanding of the waste and recycling industry, we’re an award-winning pioneer in sourcing, specifying and distributing RDF.

That’s why we offer a full supply chain solution for businesses like yours.

Since lockdown began businesses and individuals have all had to adjust to a new ‘normal’, impacting most industries in some way, including the waste industry. Andusia take a closer look. Click here for more http://ow.ly/E79L50AksLJ

Andusia is pleased to announce they have signed another contract for the export of SRF to a cement plant in the Mediterranean, further reinforcing Andusia’s position in the market as the UK’s largest independent exporter http://ow.ly/50dY50AnFEP

Wales aims to become a zero waste nation by 2050. In line with the Welsh target, Andusia have been confirmed as the sole waste supplier to a new Energy from Waste (EfW) plant currently under construction in Newport. http://ow.ly/mTNR50AksJh

The Andusia team are all back working in the office (at a safe distance of course!) We want your baled RDF, get in touch with us today, and divert waste from landfill. http://ow.ly/gXfn50AksF5

Andusia are pleased to announce that they have been confirmed as the sole waste supplier to the largest clinical waste treatment plant built in the UK for 20 years. Find out more here http://ow.ly/XbXr50AksCW

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