We’re leading the way in recovered fuel solutions.

We take great pride in what we do. And what we do is recovered fuels; RDF, SRF, Hazardous and Wood Waste.

RDF comprises non-hazardous municipal and commercial waste that’s been sorted and processed, with recyclables, organics and fines removed – so it’s ready to feed into Waste to Energy (WTE) plants.

We collect RDF from waste management companies in the UK then deliver it to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants across Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

With an unrivalled understanding of the waste and recycling industry, we’re an award-winning pioneer in sourcing, specifying and distributing RDF.

That’s why we offer a full supply chain solution for businesses like yours.

Statement on Modern Slavery

Clinitek’s Malvern hazardous waste incinerator, has been reopened this week after a significant investment, undergoing a major refit project👍 The plant, developed by WEP, started accepting waste in March 2021, and recently closed for plant improvements.


We are attending IFAT! 🥳

We are very excited to be attending IFAT on Tuesday 31st May and Wednesday 1st June and cannot wait to see you all there! Get in touch with us to arrange a meeting whilst we are there 👍

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We caught up with @NederlandOrkel to find out how their products could help you with baling and wrapping your waste. But what machinery is reliable and will suit your material and space? 👉 http://ow.ly/SwT050J7cwO

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Tolvik's 2021 UK Energy from Waste Statistics report, reveals a potential slowdown in the development of UK EfW plants. Andusia take a closer look at the future of UK EfW development and the solution to the UK's waste capacity gap 🧐 http://ow.ly/eoVq50J8GHL

Andusia are elated to have stepped into the wood export market, signing a new contract with @envagroup. The contract agrees the movement of 20,000 tonnes of wood waste from Tilbury to Germany to be utilised as steam and energy for a paper production plant👉https://www.andusia.co.uk/blog/2022/04/27/andusia-enter-the-wood-export-market/

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