Andusia Wrap

In an effort to help mitigate some of your businesses increasing costs, Andusia are delighted to have sourced a new supplier of bale wrap. One which we believe could save you in the region of 15% on your current supply cost

Andusia’s bale wrap film is made of 100% recycled materials, has high a tensile strength for tear free bale wrapping and is suitable for all bale wrappers on the market today (including square wrappers such as Crosswrap and round such as Orkel and Flexus).

Download out data sheet for more information.

Application & Features

  • The film is specifically designed for wrapping all different kinds of waste
  • Dedicated to all types of wrappers available on the market today
  • Multilayer structure of the film ensures high barrier properties
  • High tear and puncture strength means bales are better protected from breaking when wrapping
  • High tensile strength which means the film is well suited for wrapping heavier wastes
  • Film has a high adhesion quality between the film layers, encapsulating the material but also reducing the risk of leakage and odours
  • Bidirectional orientation of the film helps to maintain correct bale shape
  • Stretchability of the film: 50%-70%

To enable us to quote on a like for like basis, let us know:

i) width of wrap required

ii) colour preference

iii) storage capacity for rolls/normal purchasing volume

iv) do you purchase directly from a manufacturer or via a UK distributor/wholesaler

If you would like to discuss further, or obtain a sample / quote, please get in touch by emailing