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Posted on: 31st Jul 2015

Andusia sponsors report on waste exports

In response to the governments’ 2014 call for evidence on RDF, the Sustainable Resource Forum, sponsored by Andusia, put together an overview of the current RDF and SRF export market. The ‘Waste Exports’ report, co-written by Andusia, looks at areas where the market is leading and suggests that intervention by the government is unnecessary, and areas where government intervention could be helpful in the future of RDF and SRF markets.

A summary of the key findings suggests that exports of RDF and SRF are not damaging potential for the UK to invest in its own energy from waste capacity. It has found that the export of RDF has been market driven and is therefore already sufficiently regulated while waste crime is not detrimentally affected or increased through the export of RDF and therefore government intervention is not needed in these areas. The government could help to ensure that the there is better enforcement of the existing regulations and in helping to overcome the funding and planning barriers in the development of the UK’s own Energy from Waste capacity.

The full report can be read using the link below.