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Posted on: 1st Sep 2015

Summer work experience student returns

Cameron, who is studying for his A-Levels at Sheredes School in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, worked for Andusia during July and August, and commented:
“Over the past two months I have come back to Andusia Recovered Fuels in order to get more of an insight into how the company runs, I have also learnt more key skills that will help me have a valuable advantage when it comes to finding a full time job in the future. Although Andusia hasn’t got the biggest team, the team size has doubled since I was in the office a year ago, which is quite amazing for a small company.  Compared to last year I have leant a ‘tonne’ of new things, (excuse the pun) I would list all of them but we would be here all day! I would just like to say again a huge thank you to the Andusia team for welcoming me and having the trust in me to do a good job, I hope I have been of some use to them.”