Andusia News

Posted on: 17th Oct 2017

New RDF Code of Practice Document Released

Following yesterday’s publication of The RDF Industry Group’s Code of Practice document, Andusia are pleased to confirm that they too are experiencing the same growth and strength as the rest of the industry.

The new Code of Practice shares best practice and recommendations of regulations and requirements across the whole RDF supply chain, aimed at avoiding risks such as waste contamination, illegal export and fires.

Since 2012, when Andusia became one of the first UK companies to export RDF across Europe, they have always endeavoured to conform with best practice and are pleased to see that steps are being taken to ensure all other industry members do too. 

In just 6 years the RDF Export market has increased from 0.01 million tonnes to 3.6 million tonnes in 2016 and as the market continues to go from strength to strength in such a short period of time, Andusia are proud to be a part of an industry committed to maintaining such high standards.

You can read the full report here.