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Posted on: 15th Jan 2018

Andusia Investigate China’s Waste Plastic Restrictions

As China announce they are restricting waste plastic imports from across the world, Andusia investigate the bigger impact this will have on the waste industry and the steps that could be taken to tackle this.

The UK, and many other countries across the world, are facing a plastic epidemic following the recent announcement by China that they will restricting imported waste plastics for recycling. This news means that the world now has millions of tonnes of plastics with no secure recycling outlet. 

As a long-term solution, the waste industry will have no alternative other than to adapt to this change and find alternatives to ensure the excess plastics has an outlet, however in the interim this means that we will be experiencing more plastics in the general waste stream. Many waste companies may feel there is no value in spending time separating the plastic out when they have no end market, so these plastics will end up being incinerated for energy.

This problem also comes during the highly debated issue of reducing the UK’s plastic use. Now that we have no secure outlet for our plastics recycling we will have no choice but to reduce consumption.

China's plastic waste ban