Andusia News

Posted on: 2nd Mar 2018

Andusia and EEW Neunkirchen

Andusia Recovered Fuels is pleased to announce that it has secured a 5 year contract with EEW’s Neunkirchen plant in Germany.

EEW is Germany’s leading company in generating environmentally friendly energy from waste, with 18 state of the art plants. EEW recover approximately 4.7 million tonnes of waste each year with the objective to reduce, if not eliminate, landfill across Europe. The energy from waste plant (AHKW), built originally in the 1970s and totally overhauled between 1996 and 2001, is ope- rated by EEW Energy from Waste Saarbrücken GmbH. The Neunkirchen energy from waste plant generates around 74,000 megawatt hours of power and 21,000 megawatt hours of district heat every year. That corresponds to supplying 21,000 households with power and 1,500 households with climate- friendly district heat.

The new contract will see Andusia supply Neunkirchen with 10,000 tonnes of waste annually, as well as a number of other EEW plants across Europe.