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Posted on: 5th Apr 2018

Another Landfill Tax Increase in April 2018

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”Benjamin Franklin

In 1996 Landfill Tax was introduced in Britain, and ever since then it has only ever increased. On the 8thMarch 2017, the Treasury announced that it would once again be increasing landfill tax. As of the 1stApril 2018, landfill tax will increase by £2.85, from £86.10/tonne to £88.95/tonne. Andusia is able to help you avoid such landfill tax prices by taking your waste off your hands and sending it to Europe for energy recovery, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

The objective of landfill tax is to charge a levy to companies who are disposing of waste into landfill, in order to encourage a more resourceful way to use such waste. The UK currently produces over 150million tonnes of waste every year which is a poor use of resources and is costing more money. There is also a risk of environmental damage as landfill waste produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. The UK is aiming to move towards a zero-waste economy which means that as a country we need to become more resourceful with the waste we produce.

As a company, Andusia’s objective is to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill by transporting RDF waste for recovery at Energy from Waste plants across Europe, and more recently in the UK. With landfill tax increasing and landfill sites beginning to shut, now is the time to look at switching your general waste to RDF waste, which will not only save you money but assist in the UK’s objective to reduce waste.

Here at Andusia, we always offer our clients a bespoke and full supply chain solution. Our Logistics team work closely with a number of dependable of hauliers in order to offer a reliable service. Historically, Andusia has always provided a baled and wrapped delivery service, but as the company has grown so have our offerings and due to popular demand, we’re pleased to now offer a loose waste walking floor resolution. Contact us today to discuss your waste requirements.

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