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Posted on: 7th Jun 2018

Can the UK handle an additional 3.6million tonnes of material in landfill?

This week, the RDF Industry Group has published a report detailing the effects Brexit could have on the RDF Industry. In summary, the report states that if Brexit were to damage the UK’s RDF export market then the result would be, the almost impossible task of, the UK having to find the space for some 3.6million tonnes of additional material going to landfill.

Although Andusia is not of the opinion that Brexit will have an impact on the RDF industry, it does support the initiative for the UK government to not only support continued RDF export but also growth in the UK waste and energy market.

It is claimed that exporting RDF waste for recovering in Europe is the most effective and environmentally friendly solution, with over 700,000 tonnes of CO2  saved in 2016, the equivalent of taking 740,000 cars off the road.

Mark Terrell, General Manager at Andusia said “We are of the opinion that business will continue as normal following Brexit however, believe it is important that the UK Government continue to support the UK export market. Andusia is also exploring the opportunities in the UK Energy from Waste market, but it is important to the maintain exports while the UK is able to develop an Energy from Waste policy for the future.”