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Posted on: 19th Jul 2018

New Andusia Solution for Wood Waste and Biomass Fuel

Andusia Recovered Fuels is pleased to announce that it can now offer a renewable solution for Wood Waste and Biomass Fuel. Be more resourceful with your Wood Waste and contact us today to discuss your requirements

Approximately 4 million tonnes of waste wood is produced across the UK each year. Following treatment, the waste wood can be converted into Biomass fuel which can be used in energy from waste facilities.

As an industry leader with a wealth of knowledge in exporting waste to Europe for recovery, Andusia can offer you a bespoke solution, collecting you wood waste and transporting it to either a UK or European Energy form waste plant where it will be used to produce energy.

We’re looking for wood waste with the following specification;

  • CV = 10 -16 MJ/kg
  • Size = 50mm – 100mm chip
  • Ash = <5%
  • Moisture = 15-30%

For more information or to discuss your wood waste requirements please contact us here.