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Posted on: 7th Aug 2018

Andusia Respond to Latest RDF Industry Stats!

A recent report published by the Environment Agency shows that the RDF export market has decreased by 8% in the last year. As a market leading RDF exporter, Andusia has investigated these figures more to try and understand the implications to the industry as a whole.

Overall, 1,550,226 tonnes of RDF was exported from the UK in the first six months of 2018, in comparison to 1.685,709 tonnes in the first half of 2017. ENDS Waste & Bioenergy commented that “Interestingly, the harsh long winter does not seem to have led to more exports, while the impact of the very warm summer is unlikely to show any difference until the third quarter of the year.”

Andusia’s Managing Director, Steve Burton, observed that there are a number of factors that have affected exports in the first half of this year. “Germany has come under pressure to use more of their own local waste, which has driven gate fees up, which has led to reduced exports to Germany. Furthermore, the Netherlands have been stockpiling waste which they are now being forced to use.”

Although we may have seen this marginal decrease in RDF exports, we can see an increase is SRF exports, something that Andusia has also experienced following moving into this sector last year. Overall, SRF destinations were up by 270%.