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Posted on: 15th Nov 2018

CIWM Report explores the future of trading RDF

The CIWM (Chartered Institute of Waste Management) have published a report entitled ‘RDF Trading in a Modern World’ exploring the range of factors shaping the future of exporting RDF, including the possible impact of Brexit.

The report highlighted findings from SLR Consulting, that the UK is likely to see a reduction in RDF exports due to new domestic EfW capacity and increased recycling rates. Andusia do not share the view that UK EfW plants will replace RDF exports, but it is evident that new UK EfW plants will replace the most expensive disposal option of landfill.

The report did recognise that RDF exports will continue to play a valuable, and crucial, role in diverting waste away from landfill. Andusia supports this acknowledgement. The RDF export market from the UK may have plateaued over recent years, but conversely there is still very much a huge supply and demand for RDF exports to continue for many years to come.

The report also confirmed, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, tariffs will not apply to RDF. The only difference may be a small increase in paperwork due to additional customs forms.

Mark Terrell, Director at Andusia, summarised “At Andusia, logistics is at the heart of our business. We deal with all the necessary paperwork and TFS applications, offering our clients a bespoke and full supply chain solution.

We are pleased that this report ratifies our view that the export of RDF from the UK will continue no matter what the outcome of Brexit”.