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Posted on: 7th Dec 2018

Andusia Prepared For Every Brexit Eventuality

This month, Andusia Director, Mark Terrell, spoke at SMI’s Energy from Waste Conference in London. The SMi’s Annual Energy from Waste conference brought together international waste management operators, developers, technology providers and industrial end users.

During the two-day event, Mark discussed the expected changes to the RDF market post Brexit and the capacity gap within the UK.

The UK still sends over 12m tonnes of waste to landfill but without further action, and as we begin to close landfill sites, we will find there is still 8.5m tonnes of non-recyclable waste without a home. Andusia is in full support of developing the UK’s Energy from Waste (EfW) infrastructure, and this is a key focus for the company moving forward.

Mark confirmed, “Andusia is exploring opportunities in the UK EfW market and will be supplying new UK plants next year, in parallel with our export operations, to help expand our offering to our customers.”

However, until EfW plants are embraced in the UK, Mark surmised that RDF exports will continue to play a valuable, and crucial, role in diverting waste away from landfill. The RDF export market from the UK may have plateaued over recent years, but conversely there is still very much a huge supply and demand for RDF exports to continue for many years to come.

Mark finished “At Andusia, logistics is at the heart of our business. We deal with all the necessary paperwork and TFS applications, offering our clients a bespoke and full supply chain solution.

We don’t foresee any change to the export of RDF from the UK, no matter what the Brexit outcome come 30thMarch. We are prepared for every eventuality and will ensure to minimise any impact it has on our customers”