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Posted on: 12th Dec 2018

Andusia Move into the Hazardous Waste Market

Andusia Recovered Fuels Ltd are pleased to announce that they are moving into the hazardous waste market in addition to the RDF market which they have been so well known for over the past 6 and a half years. Since being founded in 2012, Andusia have exported over one million tonnes of RDF across Europe for recovery.

This announcement comes after an exciting few months at Andusia. In October this year; Andusia used their expertise in the RDF field to export their first consignment of SRF waste to a Mediterranean plant. Moving into the hazardous waste market means Andusia can now offer an extensive RDF, SRF and hazardous waste solution.

The future of the export of waste has also come under question due to Brexit, however as Director, Mark Terrell, comments “No matter what the outcome of Brexit, we don’t foresee any change to the business or how we operate. We are prepared for every eventuality”

Regarding Andusia’s expansion into hazardous waste, Mark summarises, “The RDF export market will always be a key area for us, however we are now turning our attentions to SRF and hazardous waste exports across Europe too. We’re looking forward to a busy 2019!”

If you would like to contact Andusia with your RDF or SRF or Hazardous waste requirements please contact us here.