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Posted on: 14th Jan 2019

Andusia Attend Defra Meeting On No-Deal Brexit

Last week, in a meeting organised by Defra, Government officials met with exporters of waste to discuss planning for a no-deal Brexit.

The meeting included presentations from Defra, the Border Delivery Group and the Environment Agency and focused on the concerns over export including TFS applications, customs checks and traffic congestion, if a no-deal goes ahead.

The update on last August’s meeting, highlighted the likelihood of possible delays with regards to truck deliveries and hold-ups at port during the months following a no-deal Brexit. Areas that the Government still haven’t addressed.

On a positive note, Defra surmised that there would be no impact on existing TFS applications and new applications would just require a few more customs details.

Andusia Director, Steve Burton, who attended, says, “It is a shame that Government have left it till now to listen to the waste industry and plan for a no-deal scenario. There appears to be no strategy in place to avoid interruption to the industry.”

It is Andusia’s view that RDF exports will continue to play a valuable, and crucial, role in diverting waste away from landfill but the lack of clarity in border activities is creating uncertainty and, sadly, scare-mongering.

Steve ends “At Andusia, logistics is at the heart of our business. We are prepared for every eventuality and will do everything we can to minimise delays and any impact it has on our customers, no matter what the outcome on 29th March.’