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Posted on: 21st Feb 2019

Andusia Discuss The Changing Face of SRF

This month, Andusia Director, Mark Terrell, spoke at the Global CemFuels Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam. Now in its 13th year, Global CemFuels is the largest alternative fuels conference and exhibition in the world.

During the two-day event, Mark discussed the evolving UK waste market, the issues and opportunities and the emerging SRF industry.

Solid Recovered Fuel, or SRF, is a higher quality alternative to RDF. The fuel consists of smaller fractions with a higher energy content. The higher calorific value means it is suitable for use in cement kiln facilities, replacing fossil fuels such as Petcoke and coal.

With market changes in the past couple of years, RDF export has plateaued, and millions of tonnes of waste is still going to landfill; waste companies are having to look for alternative, cost-effective methods of disposal.

Where waste quality has improved due to better segregation in waste streams for fines, food and heavies, CV is higher and so SRF production is a more achievable and viable option. But with a limited number of cement plant facilities here in the UK, export of SRF is the emerging solution.

Mark also went onto discuss the cost vs the benefit of the pelletisation of SRF and a number of new emerging technologies to further treat waste. One of which involves a heat treatment that forms a hard, brittle product that not only looks like coal but also behaves much the same as coal.

Andusia expanded their offering into SRF last year and exported their first consignment to a facility in the Mediterranean.

Mark concluded “The RDF export market will always be a key area for Andusia, however we are now turning our attentions to not only the emerging UK Energy from Waste market but also to SRF exports across Europe.”

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