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Posted on: 12th Mar 2019

Another Landfill Tax Increase in April 2019

The UK Government’s tax on landfill increases year on year. Come April 2019, for the first time, the tax will be above £90 when it is goes from £88.95 a tonne to £91.35, then jumping to £94.15 per tonne in April 2020.

Also taking into consideration site gate fees and transport – landfill is an extremely unattractive prospect for those in the waste management industry.

The objective of landfill tax is to encourage a switch to more sustainable alternatives of waste disposal. Subsequently, the demand for processing waste into an alternative fuel source has careered, diverting waste from the unsustainable option of landfill.

That is where Andusia comes in!

Andusia collect RDF from waste management companies in the UK and deliver it for recovery at Energy from Waste plants across Europe, and more recently, the UK. With ever increasing landfill taxes and landfill sites beginning to shut (leading to even higher costs due to possible increased travel), there has never been a better time for waste producers to look at switching general waste to RDF waste.

With our knowledge and expertise, Andusia are at the forefront of the Energy from Waste industry, working with leading plants throughout Central Europe and Scandinavia. Andusia offer a competitive, fully collected service of waste in curtain sliders, containers or walking floors, we work closely with a number of dependable hauliers and fulfil all the required paperwork. If you are a waste producer, we can help you.

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