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Posted on: 5th Aug 2019

Andusia SRF Export Grows

Andusia is pleased to announce that they have recently signed two new contracts for the export of SRF, both commencing in September this year, to cement plants in the Mediterranean.

The two deals only further reinforce Andusia’s position in the market as the UK’s largest independent exporter of RDF, SRF and more recently, hazardous and clinical waste.

One agreement is an extension of an existing deal, doubling supply of SRF to 25,000 tonnes per annum. The other is for SRF supply to a new plant, totalling 12,000 tonnes per annum.

Solid Recovered Fuel, or SRF, is a higher quality alternative to RDF. The fuel consists of smaller fractions with a higher energy content. The higher calorific value means it is suitable for use in cement kiln facilities. SRF waste is largely used across Europe to power cement kilns. Without the use of such a recovered fuel, the cement industry would no longer be a competitive or viable business.  SRF directly replaces fossil fuels such as Petcoke and coal, and offers an excellent environmentally friendly alternative.

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