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Posted on: 16th Sep 2019

Andusia Sponsor ‘The Cam Clean-Up’

Andusia are proud to sponsor ‘The Cam Clean-up’ in Cambridge, being held on Saturday 28th September 2019.

The event starts with the Annual Cam Clean-up at 11am, in co-operation with the City Council who provide safety kit and recycling on the riverbanks, and the Cam Conservancy who provide a boat to fish objects from the river.

The event also includes a free vegan BBQ at 1pm for all clean-up volunteers, provided by Andusia. Ending with the River Festival from 1pm-7pm with live music and cash bars onboard Camboat passenger boats, to celebrate and support the river and riverbank communities on what is World Rivers Day weekend.

The 15thCamboaters River Clean-up & River Festival will be on Jesus Green above the locks.

The charity for this World Rivers Day event is Sea Shepherd – a leading Marine Conservation group.


CBCA Camboaters Community Association is a rather informal but very effective mutually-supportive group of boat owners, riverbank residents from boat and land, and other users of the river and banks. Camboaters meet routinely with the City Council and Cam Conservancy about the riverbanks and navigation as well as with other stakeholder groups including rowers and land residents.