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Posted on: 16th Sep 2019

Malvern Incinerator Update – August 2019

Re-development of Clinitek’s Malvern hazardous waste incinerator commenced in March 2019 and is now well under way. The plant is expected to be fully operation in Q1 2020.

The original site was built in 1972 and operated until 1992, before being acquired by Clinitek in February 2019. The fully refurbished building and new ‘state of the art’ processing plant will use clinical waste as fuel in a modern, energy recovery process.

As sole suppliers to the plant, Andusia’s Director Stewart Brackenbury and hazardous waste manager Fraser Cutting recently visited the site to see how it was progressing.

Since clearing the site of debris and vegetation, focus is now on the building itself. Work has started on removing the old plant out of the steel framed building.

On completion of the main building, the energy recovery system will be fitted on site and will allow the disposal of 8,000 tonnes of clinical waste a year. The electricity generated will be used to power the plant, with excess electricity exported back into the grid. The plant will also provide employment for 12 full time employees in both skilled and unskilled roles.

Check back soon for more updates on the progress of this plant.

If you would like to speak to Andusia’s Hazardous Waste Manager, Fraser, about your hazardous waste requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact him on +44 (0)7824 567603 or email