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Posted on: 24th Oct 2019

Andusia Supports Anthesis Smart Waste Tracking Solution

Andusia is proud to be supporting global sustainability consultancy, Anthesis, in its development of Vastum, as part of a GOV TECH project to develop the UK’s first comprehensive smart waste tracking solution.

Andusia will be working closely with Anthesis during development, using their knowledge of the industry to help shape the new system, through intensive testing.

The system for tracking waste would digitise the current paper-based system the waste industry uses – from waste transfer notes, consignment notes and other documentation required by legislation.

The aim is to track waste in real time, between the waste producer, waste carrier and the waste management site receiving it. Every waste movement would be allocated a unique digital transaction ID and corresponding QR code which could be scanned into mobile devices; making transactions faster and leaving less room for error.

The system would not only alert regulators to illegal activities but for the first time, it also aims to gather comprehensive data on which government and industry can base policy and investment decisions.

Simone Aplin, technical director at Anthesis, said: “We are thrilled to further develop and test Vastum. We believe it will deliver economic and environmental benefits that are truly transformational.

“A successful system will significantly reduce the administrative burden for the sector and generate the data needed to tackle waste crime, inform policy and guide vital investment in the circular economy.”

The project is part of the second phase of Defra’s GovTech Catalyst waste tracking competition. Anthesis has been awarded up to £500,000 to build and test Vastum and now has a year to produce a private beta tested version.

 Mark Terrell, Andusia Director, said “We are proud to support Anthesis in their valuable endeavour. The world is turning digital and the waste industry needs to keep up, it makes sense!”


Photo of Anthesis team: Left to right – Jamie Warmington (senior consultant), Simone Aplin (technical director), Craig Simmons (chief technology officer) and Stephen Ellis (senior developer).