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Posted on: 28th Oct 2019

Further Brexit Delays

EU leaders have now agreed to extend the Brexit decision until 31st January 2020. Meaning the UK will not leave as planned on Thursday 31st October 2019.

The ‘flextension’ is named as such because the UK could leave before the January deadline if a deal is approved in Parliament.

Since the 2016 Brexit vote, the waste industry have stressed the negative impact it could have on the RDF export industry. Until the final terms are agreed we can’t be certain of the full implications it may have but opinion is widespread that there will be major delays at port during the transition period following the Brexit decision.

Director, Steve Burton, commented “Andusia would like to take the opportunity once again to assure customers we are prepared for every eventuality and will ensure to minimise any impact Brexit will have on RDF export. Be it next week or next year!”

“Our professional and knowledgeable logistics team work with a number of dependable hauliers and have several exit routes out of the UK. As such we aren’t dependent on any one port or logistic solution.” ended Steve.