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Posted on: 6th Feb 2020

Andusia Celebrates 8 Years

This month, Andusia are proud to be celebrating their 8th birthday. Back in 2012 Director’s Steve Burton and Stewart Brackenbury saw an opportunity in the developing market of RDF export, so Andusia was born – and they haven’t looked back!

The company quickly established themselves as the UK’s largest independent exporter of RDF waste across Europe. With a strong supply base of professional UK waste management companies and long lasting relationships with some of the largest EfW plants in Europe, Andusia has now exported 1,350,000 tonnes of RDF waste. Waste that has not only been diverted from UK landfill but generates electricity and heat for local residents in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. (That equates to providing electricity to 169,000 homes a year in Andusia’s  8-year lifetime by the way!)

Eight years on, Andusia have extended their expertise and expanded into other areas of the waste industry – both in Europe and closer to home here in the UK.

UK development

Only last month Andusia confirmed they are sole waste supplier to a new UK EfW plant currently under construction in Newport, Wales. Scheduled for completion in early 2022, Andusia will supply a minimum of 220,000 tonnes of RDF per annum under a 25 year deal. The deal demonstrates Andusia’s continued commitment to supporting the development of UK EfW plants and helping to fill the undeniable capacity gap in the UK.

Hazardous waste

Last year Andusia moved into the hazardous waste market with another sole supplier contract to a new clinical waste treatment plant in Malvern, Worcestershire. Andusia will be supplying 40,000 tonnes of hazardous and clinical waste for high temperature treatment under a 5 year deal. The plant will be fully operational in the next couple of months.


In recent years, Andusia have also begun exporting SRF, a higher quality alternative to RDF suitable for use in cement kilns. A market that Andusia continues to grow working closely with facilities across the Mediterranean.

Director, Steve, said of the anniversary, ‘Andusia have enjoyed a successful 8 years, growing from strength to strength, continuing to do what we are best at and also applying that to new markets.

The year ahead looks to be another busy one for us. Our plans for the next few years will focus heavily on the UK market whilst continuing our significant and growing export businesses and we are looking forward to entering into 2020 with some exciting developments afoot. Watch this space!” ended Steve.