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Posted on: 9th Mar 2020

Swedish EfW Tax this April

Last December, the Swedish Government approved plans to introduce a 75Kr (£6) per tonne tax on waste imported from the UK, effective from 1st April 2020. This tax will rise by a further £3 in both 2021 and 2022.

The tax on waste that is burnt was passed by Riksdag (Swedish parliament) in order for Sweden to achieve national climate targets.

It is unknown to what extent this tax will be passed on to the UK waste industry, however it is likely to increase costs and drive waste producers currently reliant on Sweden, to other markets or possibly landfill.

In 2018, the UK exported around 750,000 tonnes of RDF to Sweden, that equates to almost 50% of Sweden’s RDF imports. Only the Netherlands imported more RDF waste than Sweden last year, who themselves introduced a tax in January.

Waste producers need to be prepared to bear some of the burden of a tax increase. Weighing up the options, it isn’t as simple as sending waste to landfill, inevitably landfill prices will only increase in line with demand.

Andusia continue to export to numerous markets throughout Europe, but are also focusing attentions closer to home here in the UK. Only last month Andusia confirmed they are sole waste supplier to a new UK EfW plant currently under construction in Newport, Wales. The deal demonstrates Andusia’s continued commitment to supporting the development of UK EfW plants and helping to fill the undeniable capacity gap in the UK.

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