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Posted on: 20th Jul 2020

Andusia Supply AVR Holland

Andusia is pleased to announce they have secured a contract with energy from waste plant, AVR, in Rozenburg in the port of Rotterdam, Holland.

The new 1-year contract will see Andusia supply AVR with 20,000 tonnes of waste from July this year.

The AVR facility provides electricity, steam and heating to the local area and is designed to adapt it’s energy output in line with varying demand from the city. Using the energy generated in the incineration process AVR can heat around 160,000 homes, not to mention hospitals, offices and swimming pools in Rotterdam, Duiven and the surrounding area. Furthermore, AVR even put their bottom ash to good use, incorporating it into paving stones and clinker bricks – enough to renew a surface equivalent to 400 football fields every year!

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