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Posted on: 8th Sep 2020

Keep Infectious Waste Local

Never before has it been so vital to dispose of infectious waste responsibly. In addition to the safety risks presented from moving clinical waste long distance overseas and the added approvals required, there is also a significant cost, both direct and indirect.

Why not dispose of clinical waste locally in the UK, where there IS capacity? Andusia is sole supplier to a UK based facility, opening next month.

All hazardous materials must be transported in accordance with the ADR regulations, a UN treaty that governs the transport of dangerous goods via road and rail. The ADR regulations classify waste into nine classes, infectious waste such as sharps are class 6.2. The ADR regulations ensure that highly infectious waste is packaged effectively enough to withstand the shocks encountered during transport and to prevent any loss of contents that could occur.

In addition to the ADR regulations, there is a further requirement for infectious waste transported via sea called the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) code. The code is enforced by the UK coast guard (of which the waste supplier must get approval from) and requires infectious waste to be ‘overpacked’ in an extra protective layer of packaging, in most cases, a lined cardboard box containing absorbent material.

The additional cost of overpacking infectious waste for sea travel is estimated between £1500-£2000 per load. Costs incurred not only include the extra packaging but the labour needed to repack and accurately label the waste. There are also hidden costs, of the additional time and management for such an undertaking.

NHS waste is currently being exported to Europe for high temperature incineration, but there is capacity in the UK – saving time and money.

Andusia are the sole supplier to a new clinical waste treatment plant in Worcestershire, Malvern. The plant will be operational and accepting waste in just 4 weeks, from 2nd October 2020.

Andusia are here to help. With our years of knowledge and expertise in the waste disposal industry we can manage your waste in a safe and responsible manner offering you great peace of mind. We will ensure that your waste is removed, transported and disposed of efficiently and compliantly. Collections are coordinated via a network of reliable and licensed logistics providers in specially developed vehicles for safe collection.

You can find a list of EWC codes and the type of waste accepted at Malvern here on our website. If you would like to discuss your hazardous waste requirements, give us a call today.