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Posted on: 26th Nov 2020

SRF Exports Plateau?

As an expert in the waste export market, Andusia are seeing a growing trend of more waste producers looking to get the best value from their waste. On the face of it this makes perfect business sense, but further processing of waste to SRF quality, doesn’t necessarily lead to a lower disposal price or return on investment.

Recently published EA export data shows UK SRF exports plateaued almost 2 years ago. Over the past few years SRF export appears to have reached a natural maximum. After some growth in 2017 export volumes, figures have since remained level with demand reaching capacity.

SRF graph

The SRF off take market, made up of predominantly cement kiln facilities, is a limited market, as the data highlights. With minimal change and a lack of investment in the cement industry raising demand for more SRF, it looks like it will stay this way for many years to come.

To be competitive in SRF, waste producers need a differentiator, more specifically they need to produce the best quality. Quality, in SRF terms, being high energy content (CV) and minimal contaminants (chlorine and moisture).

Andusia continue to work with SRF producers to improve quality and moreover produce consistent quality, with several current export contracts in place to cement kilns across Europe. But of course, the best quality comes at a price, and with competition for an outlet high, waste companies should carefully consider their options.

Andusia Director, Mark Terrell ends “In the current climate of supressed cement manufacturing, the most economical solution for many waste companies appears to be a light touch to processing and to move the material as RDF.”

By end of 2020, Andusia will have exported 1.5 million tonnes of RDF in their almost 9 years in industry. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Andusia continued to work closely with UK waste suppliers and EfW plants. RDF export levels remained, managing to also secure numerous new and exciting contracts.

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