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Posted on: 9th Mar 2021

Andusia Expand Into Bulk Shipping Services

At Andusia, logistics, looked after by our Operations team, are at the heart of our business and a vital element to ensure we can always offer our customers a full supply chain solution and great service to boot.

Over the past 9 years, Andusia have established themselves as the UK’s largest independent exporter of RDF waste across Europe. Historically, Andusia has always provided a baled and wrapped delivery service in curtain-siders and containers but more recently the company have expanded their expertise and added bulk shipping to their logistics portfolio.

Whatever the method, the experienced Andusia team always ensure the routes planned are environmentally mindful, keeping transport miles to a minimum and only ever use backhaul transport that would otherwise be returning empty, enabling us to offer a zero carbon solution to our customers.

Furthermore, the Andusia team arrange all the necessary documentation for the Environment Agency and manage Trans-Frontier Shipment (TFS) applications, ensuring compliance with port regulations and managing customs clearances.

Andusia signed their first bulk shipping contract in 2019 with combined heat and power plant, ARC (Amager Ressourcecenter), in Copenhagen, Denmark. A contract which has since been further extended to 30,000 tonnes per annum for the next 2 years.

The process of bulk shipping entails three steps, unloading, storage and loading for transportation to its final destination, an EfW plant in this instance. The facility to store at port is just one benefit of sending bulk shipments.

Bulk shipping RDF, where bales are loaded directly into the hold of the vessel, mean a great deal of tonnes can be transported in one shipment. As a comparison, a bulk ship can hold approximately 3,000 tonnes, that equates to more than 100 trucks (28 tonnes) or containers (26 tonnes).

In brief, taking volume and location into consideration, bulk shipping of RDF can often be more cost effective and environmentally sustainable than other methods.

Andusia have strong, long-standing relationships with logistics companies across Europe (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Greece and Portugal) and in the UK. Working closely with a number of dependable hauliers, we ensure we can always offer customers a highly reliable solution.

Every member of Andusia’a operations team has undertaken the appropriate customs declaration training. As such, Andusia are able to manage the extensive new customs clearance procedures that have arisen since leaving the EU, on behalf of customers, old and new.

To discuss the most suitable and cost effective solution for you, get in touch with our dedicated Operations team on 01992 666257.