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Posted on: 5th Apr 2021

Andusia Commit to UK Waste Suppliers

Just as new guidance has been issued for all UK Government buildings in England, Wales and Scotland to fly the Union Jack flag every day, to unite the nation and as a symbol of pride – Andusia would also like to take the opportunity to affirm their commitment to the UK and more specifically UK waste suppliers.

Over the past year, the waste industry has seen other waste exporters adopt alternative routes to market; promoting their supply of Polish, German and Italian waste to Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities across Northern Europe.

Developing a strong supply base of UK waste management companies; and establishing long lasting relationships with some of the largest EfW plants in Europe, has been vital to the success of Andusia to date.

With 12 employees, operating out of one UK-based office in Hertfordshire, Andusia could be considered small in comparison to its competitors. However, over the past 9 years, the company has established themselves as the UK’s largest independent exporter of RDF waste across Europe.

Andusia operate as a conduit between UK waste suppliers, who often don’t have the capacity to export independently, and recovery outlets across Europe. The export of waste in particular is highly regulated; but as an experienced aggregator, Andusia do all the groundwork, making the process of RDF recovery an easy and attractive option for waste companies, over the traditional but problematic solution of dumping waste in landfill.

In more recent years, Andusia have furthermore applied their knowledge and expertise to support the development of the UK EfW market. Andusia are committed to supporting new UK infrastructure and are working with developers to bridge the gap between waste suppliers and plants. With construction scheduled for completion early next year, Andusia will be sole waste supplier to a new UK EfW plant in Newport, Wales. Supplying a minimum of 220,000 tonnes of RDF per annum under a 25 year deal.

Andusia offer a competitive baled and wrapped collection and delivery service in curtain-siders, containers, walking floors and more recently have added bulk shipping to their logistics portfolio.

We work closely with a number of dependable hauliers and fulfil all the required paperwork. If you are a waste producer, we can help you. Contact us today to discuss your waste requirements, call us on 01992-666257 or email us at