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Posted on: 17th Jun 2021

Andusia Confirm Waste Volumes Stable

With so-called ‘Freedom Day’ previously planned for 21st June having been extended, Andusia take the opportunity to look once more at the effects of coronavirus on UK waste volumes.

In March, the Environment Agency reported that RDF exports fell by 37% in 2020 versus the previous year. A fall undoubtedly influenced by the coronavirus pandemic and the UK’s lockdown. Supporting this, according to data reported by both Veolia and Suez UK, the amount of waste generated in commercial and industrial workplaces drastically reduced by 50%. In contrast, with families at home, municipal waste increased by 20%.

At the time, Andusia anticipated that the impact of Covid-19 on waste volumes ‘would quickly dissipate’, and we, as a company, have already seen this come to fruition. Andusia can confidently report that, although waste volumes are not back to pre-covid levels, they have reached a stable level for which we do not see going on the decline again.

The long term affects Covid-19 has had on changes in lifestyle are yet to be seen, however the UK are over two months ahead of Europe in terms of lockdown restrictions and vaccinations. A fact that Andusia believe will only positively affect the industry, that waste volumes will increase over the next 3-6 months, possibly to pre-covid levels in 2022.

Director, Mark Terrell, comments “UK waste volumes may still be below 2019 levels, but we are definitely now seeing these volumes reach a plateau and at least stabilise which we don’t see going backwards.

Over time, those still working from home will return to the office, hospitality restrictions will lift further and a nervous public will regain confidence, meaning good times are to come for all industries, including those in waste. Now is the time to think ahead and commit to those waste supply contracts.”

If you are a waste producer, Andusia are here to help you. We offer a competitive, fully collected service of waste in curtain siders, containers or walking floors, we work closely with a number of dependable hauliers and fulfil all the required paperwork.

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