Andusia News

Posted on: 7th Sep 2021

We are off to Sweden!

Andusia are happy to report that the first bulk shipment to Sweden under a new contract was loaded on Thursday 12th August.

This trial shipment represents the first movement of new business as it exported 3100 tonnes of RDF from Chatham Docks to Sweden. With Andusia acting as the aggregator for the movement, this deal confirms the first RDF export of many to the new location.

The brand new MV Scot Ranger vessel, showcasing a box shaped single decker design is the equivalent width to 5.2 trucks, with a hold capacity of 240,000ft³.

With 3 shipments in the pipeline for the rest of 2021, and the opportunity to ship 18,000 tonnes next year, this boasts an amazing opportunity for Andusia.

Taking volume and location into consideration, bulk shipping of RDF can often be more cost effective and environmentally sustainable than other methods. Get in touch with the Andusia team on 01992 666257 to discuss your bulk shipping and waste requirements.