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Posted on: 20th Sep 2021

We ‘Step it up’ to celebrate Recycle Week 2021

Andusia ‘Step it up’ to celebrate Recycle Week 2021

This week we are celebrating Recycle Week 2021. This flagship event celebrates the nations recycling efforts, addresses climate issues, and unites brands, retailers, waste management companies, governments, and many more to encourage the public to recycle in the right way, more often!

Climate change can be a tricky subject to address, however this year’s message of ‘Step it up’ encourages conversation the make bigger and better contributions to beating the crisis. As the last 18 months have proven, some things are out of our control, however climate change is one, that with collaborative efforts, can be actively avoided.

How are Andusia stepping it up?

Acting environmentally positive is of upmost importance to Andusia. Our business model is designed to divert waste from landfill- one of the biggest contributors to CO2 emissions and climate change. Our methods of generating energy from waste using combined heat and power plants produces a negative net carbon figure

However, our approach to waste management isn’t the only effort we are making to step it up this recycle week. We are striving to help combat the climate crisis further and taking the steps to reduce our CO2 emissions at our HQ. We have made the switch to electric vehicles emitting 60% less CO2 as well as optimising a battery recycling program. We are also currently installing solar panels to our brand-new office facility, which will be powered completely by renewable, green energy by March 2022, and Carbon neutral in the next 3 years once our carbon debt from their installation has been paid off.

What about you?

So, what are you and your company doing to ‘Step it up’ this recycle week? We’d love to hear what you are doing, no matter how big or small!