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Posted on: 13th Oct 2021

The Benefits of Bulk Shipping for the Waste Industry

Over the past 9 years, Andusia have established themselves as the UK’s largest independent exporter of RDF waste across Europe. Historically, Andusia has always provided a baled and wrapped delivery service in curtain-siders and containers but in 2019 the company expanded their offerings and added bulk shipping to their logistics portfolio. But what are the benefits and why do we promote it?

With recent issues surrounding a shortage of drivers, bulk shipping is proving an efficient way to avoid delays. With the opportunity for increased waste volumes to be transported in one movement (a bulk ship can hold approximately 3,000 tonnes, equating to more than 100 trucks (28 tonnes) or containers (26 tonnes)), there is far less pressure on sourcing available drivers for long haul journeys.

After recently celebrating Recycle Week 2021, it’s topical and generally important to discuss the positive impact bulk shipping has on the environment. Shipping represents only 2.6% of overall greenhouse emissions, comparative to alternative transportation methods which contain a significantly higher carbon footprint. Bulk-shipping is the least environmentally damaging and is one of the smallest contributors to marine pollution caused from human activities- an environmentally conscious solution.

The safety benefits of a bulk ship also provide a little extra peace of mind for waste companies. Not only does the sturdiness of the vessel provide protection for waste (ensuring less damage is caused to bales and waste in the movement), their sturdiness acts as a physical barrier to all atmospheric conditions, ensuring quality from start to finish.

Our experience

Andusia signed their first bulk shipping contract in 2019 with combined heat and power plant, ARC (Amager Resource Center), in Copenhagen, Denmark, which has seen movement of significant tonnage. Most recently, Andusia have seen their ships go to Sweden as part of a new contract which has shipped approximately 20,000 tonnes of RDF and SRF in 2021 alone, with 5 more shipments scheduled in for the remainder of the calendar year.

These shipments commemorate Andusia’s commitment to bulk shipping- thinking environmentally forward, ensuring safety, and creating innovative solutions to tackle any supply chain/logistics troubles.

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