Andusia News

Posted on: 25th Oct 2021

Andusia are Powered by Solar

We are going solar! Last week Andusia made their next big move into being as green as can be and have had solar panels installed to provide all the energy needed to power the head office and more!

Our installers at Solar Panels Cambs Ltd squeezed 70 Hyundai 400Wp panels onto the roof of our new office, resulting in a total system size of 28kWp. Based on the orientation of the panels and inclination from the horizontal positioning they will produce approximately 22320 kilowatt-hours (kWhr) of electricity every year of their anticipated 25 – 30 year life- that’s a lot of energy!

In the UK we generate electricity from all sources including gas, nuclear and renewables. However, each kWhr of power produced by solar liberates around 0.233kg of CO2e. Therefore, our system alone will save the nation approximately 5200kg’s of CO2e every year.

We are committed to making changes that are better for the planet and this is just the beginning!