Andusia News

Posted on: 13th Dec 2021

Andusia Send SRF to Scandinavia

Andusia are happy to report that their first ever movement of SRF to Scandinavia left Grimsby Dock on Wednesday 8th December 2021.

Approximately 2500 tonnes of SRF waste provided by UK waste supplier Ellgia was loaded on to the Vessel on the 8th and has arrived safely in the early hours on Monday 13th December.

Andusia acted as the aggregator for the movement and are extremely excited to work closely with SRF plants in Scandinavia as we begin many movements of a newly signed contract.

Taking volume and location into consideration, bulk shipping of waste can often be more cost effective and environmentally sustainable than other methods. Get in touch with the Andusia team on 01992 666257 to discuss your bulk shipping and waste requirements.