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Posted on: 12th Jan 2022

Malvern Clinical Waste Plant Running Smoothly

Andusia’s hazardous and clinical waste treatment plant in Malvern, Worcestershire, has been accepting waste since 2021, and with almost a year of being operational, we took a trip to see how the plant is getting on.

Capacity is now at a maintained level since accepting waste from March 2021. Improvement plans are also in place for the coming year, to make sure Malvern is operating as lean as possible. With the opportunity to accept more waste in the near future, these improvements will make sure the plant can run at maximum capacity.

The plant, developed by Waste Energy Partners, experienced numerous difficulties throughout the pandemic, but is now seeing great success with a clean and smooth-running site.

Mark Terrell, Director, reported on his recent visit to the plant “It was great to see the plant running smoothly this week. It was in top condition and has seemed to nail their processes. We still have some improvements to be made which are scheduled in for the next year, however this won’t affect the operationalisation of the plant. The plant has capacity to accept more Hazardous and Clinical waste, so we are excited to explore further opportunities later in the year.”

Andusia are the sole supplier to Malvern, supplying 8,000 tonnes of hazardous and clinical waste per year. You can find a list of EWC codes and the type of waste accepted at Malvern here on our website. To discuss your clinical and hazardous waste requirements, contact us today 01992 666257 or at