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Posted on: 5th Apr 2022

To Bale, or Not to Bale, That is the Question

Investing in baling and wrapping machinery can often be a difficult decision with a large initial investment required, but with industry experts predicting RDF export continuing until the end of the decade (as suggested by Tolvik at this year’s EfW conference), it is well worth the long-term savings.

We are currently witnessing a trend of balers coming to the end of their useable life and requiring a second round of investment, but with nervousness stemming from the debate of ‘Is RDF continuing?’, many are scared to make the jump. However, with experts predicting an extended lifetime for RDF, balers would prove to be a cost-effective, safe, and clean approach to waste management.

With landfill tax making one of the biggest jumps since 2013/2014, increasing to £98.60 per tonne in April 2022, and total costs of tipping to landfill costing a minimum of £125 per tonne when considering gate fee costs, the solution of baling and wrapping is a clear long-term financial win boasting many savings from the cost-effective investment.

The current climate suggests now is a perfect time to invest in export and baling. Whether it be a brand-new purchase or a refurbishment of one that has seen better days, both routes help to divert waste from landfill, avoid landfill tax and reduce water and air pollution. The initial outlay may be an investment but see how quickly the machinery will have paid for itself and the amount of money you can save moving forward.

If you need help sourcing balers, get in touch with Andusia at and we will be able to point you in the right direction for sourcing those most reliable and affordable investments. Similarly, try our ‘Cost of Ownership’ tool to work out your savings.