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Posted on: 27th Apr 2022

Andusia Enter the Wood Export Market

Andusia are elated to have stepped into the wood export market, signing a new contract with Enva Wood Recycling Ltd. The contract agrees the movement of 20,000 tonnes of wood waste from Tilbury to Germany to be utilised as steam and energy for a paper production plant.

As a leading provider of waste management and resource recovery solutions, Enva operates across 33 facilities in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Enva manage a broad range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials from industrial, commercial, and municipal customers and create valuable products for re-use in manufacturing and energy conversion.

They have invested heavily in bespoke, dedicated recycling facilities with seven waste wood sites around the UK, ensuring that waste wood is diverted from landfill by being efficiently and effectively recovered and reprocessed.

With demand for waste wood now higher than every across Europe, Andusia are very excited to be working with Enva Wood Recycling Ltd and explore new opportunities

For more information or to discuss your wood waste requirements please contact us on 01992 666257.