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Posted on: 9th May 2022

The Technology Behind the Bale

The process of baling and wrapping RDF and SRF is a hot topic at the moment within the world of waste, as conversation is surrounding whether the investment in machinery is justifiable. Andusia and industry experts can provide confidence that the investment of such machinery promises a massive return on investment. But are you unsure on what machinery is reliable and will suit your material and space?

Orkel are a global supplier of high-quality machinery, making baling and wrapping easy and convenient for anyone. Orkel are the creators of precise and compact technologies which allow bales to be produced and wrapped with a single piece of streamlined machinery. It provides easy and profitable storage and transportation solutions to baling and wrapping RDF and SRF.

So, what machinery is best for waste compaction with high density and high-quality contents? The Orkel Hi-X compactor transforms bulk material into easy-to-handle round bales, using nothing but compaction and polyethylene film wrapping. This makes removing the wrap both easy and problem free, as there are no metal bands or nets to get stuck in machinery components. This means whole bales can be put into shredders which tear the bales apart allowing all the material to be processed easily.

Investing in baling and wrapping can reduce your transport costs, decrease the amount of space you need and protect the contents of your RDF / SRF bales. Companies that have invested in the Orkel Baler have seen their transport costs plummet by up to 40%. The investment cost of an Orkel industrial Compactor is also lower than the alternatives.

Orkel have a great range of videos available to show what machinery would suit your site and your material, as well as extensive information on their website. Andusia can also provide advice, as well as having a Cost of Ownership tool which calculates the pay back time of your investment. Get in touch with us today via 01992666257.