Andusia News

Posted on: 19th Jul 2022

Andusia Vehicles Go Electric

Andusia’s core business of waste export has always been a sustainable one. From disposing of waste destined for UK landfill, using backhaul transport that would otherwise be empty, to generating electricity and heat. It is a win-win for both the environment and communities alike.

But we have also been taking steps internally to address our impact on the environment. Having moved offices a year ago, we took the opportunity to install low energy LED lighting throughout the building, all on motion sensors. Followed by installing solar panels on the roof of the building back in October last year.

To help reduce our company footprint further, Andusia have now also transitioned our fleet of three company vehicles to electric and installed at-work charging points. As a cleaner alternative, electric vehicles are an important step in sustainable transportation. Besides much lower fuel costs, electric vehicles serve as a greener alternative to gas or diesel. By eliminating exhaust they hugely reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are committed to making changes that are better for the planet and this is just the beginning.