Andusia News

Posted on: 3rd Oct 2022

Andusia sign contract renewal with AEB Amsterdam

AEB Amsterdam and Andusia have revised and updated their most recent contract to extend it from a 12-month to now 3-year contract. Alongside this, AEB Amsterdam have also agreed to increase their RDF volumes – now boasting a 30,000 tonnes per annum deal. We are so excited about these revisions and to continue to work with AEB Amsterdam over the extended period.

AEB processes residual waste from municipalities and companies. They extract as many valuable materials as possible from the waste and efficiently incinerate the remains. In doing so this supplies electricity and heat for a growing number of households and businesses. In this way, AEB plays an important role in the sustainability ambitions of Amsterdam and the surrounding municipalities.

One tonne of waste with AEB generates approximately 628 kWh of electricity and 208 kWh of heat. This electricity is then used to heat approximately 30,000 houses in Northern Amsterdam.

Andusia look forward to continuing to work with AEB and developing their already successful relationship, and are extremely happy to have established an even stronger, longer, and more environmentally impactful contract.