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Posted on: 10th Nov 2022

Taking a Closer Look at the Flexus Bala

With experts predicting an extensive future for RDF export, and landfill tax experiencing a huge jump, hitting the hundreds next April, there has never been a better time to consider investment in baling and wrapping machinery.

RDF waste must be baled and wrapped for export. Buying the equipment to do so can be a daunting prospect for a business, although a significant investment, it ultimately guarantees to pay for itself.

There are many options on the market today to suit different space and material types, in the past we’ve looked both at Orkel and Crosswrap. Here, we take a closer look at the heavy-duty Flexus Bala system.

The Swedish made, fully automatic Flexus Bala system declares itself as the most energy-efficient baling system on the market, which can be installed in 8 hours and takes up a fraction of the space than its counterparts. It boasts the lowest OPEX of any system, using no metal wires or plastic strap as bales are sealed with incinerable PE net and film.

The machinery is fully mobile for use at multiple sites and suitable for external use, in all weather conditions. It has also been designed to comfortably reach a 1 million bale / 20+ year life span, producing up to 35 x typically 850-1600kg round bales per hour. The system guarantees bales are consistent in shape and dimension, with predictable bale weights, that can be safely stacked.

The industrial Flexus Bala system is sold through Compact & Bale, one of the UK’s leading suppliers in baling machinery. Steve Burnett, C&B’s founder, comments on the machinery, “Flexus Bala machines are proven, battleship built, low OPEX and highly effective. Hundreds of machines are currently operating worldwide, in 48 countries on 5 continents and we are proud to count many of Europe’s largest waste management companies among our customer base.”

To learn more about Flexus machinery and how it could benefit your operation, email To see the Flexus Bala in action, you can view videos on their website here.

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