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Posted on: 16th Feb 2023

Andusia Celebrate 11 Years in Industry

This month Andusia are celebrating their 11th anniversary. Andusia are also pleased to report that this month sees the company’s export total hit the 1.9 million tonne mark. A result achieved through sending on average 5,000 tonnes of RDF, SRF and waste wood a week, for recovery.

Fun fact, that is enough RDF bales, that end-to-end, would stretch 12 times around the M25 and equates to the weight of 9,500 blue whales!

That’s waste that has not only been diverted from UK landfill but generates electricity and heat for residents in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. In environmental terms, Andusia’s efforts have now contributed to over 500,000 tonnes of CO2 savings since launching in 2012.

The increase in demand for waste material can be largely associated with the global issue of energy security, derived from the Russian energy crisis. Equally, Andusia’s success can be attributed to the large breadth of waste compositions they manage. In addition to their standard baled and wrapped delivery service, the company also offers bulk shipping and loose RDF on walking floors and stepped into the wood waste export market last year.

Andusia Director and Founder, Steve Burton, comments, “I am really proud of Andusia’s latest achievements and we are only going from strength to strength. 2022 became Andusia’s best performing year since 2016, whilst this calendar year is set to become a record-breaking year for us; we are due to hit the 2 million tonne milestone this Summer.

We have a busy year ahead, in particular, having just commenced a landmark contract with EEW – supplying 1 million tonnes of RDF over the next 5 years, but busy is how we like it!”.

Andusia offer a competitive, fully collected service of waste in curtain siders, containers or walking floors. They work closely with numerous dependable hauliers, providing a reliable service from start to finish. Get in touch today at 01992 666257 or to discuss your waste supply.