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Posted on: 20th Mar 2023

RDF Export Prevails

Amid recent news that chief executive of the EA, Sir James Bevan, “stands by” his call for a ban on all waste exports from the UK, Andusia uncover the six reasons why it is completely unfeasible.

We forecast a continued need for RDF export over the next ten years and more. Here, we explore the many reasons why RDF export remains the best solution for waste disposal, and why Andusia are well placed to help you.

  1. No capacity in UK

Whilst the obvious option would be to incinerate waste here in the UK, the demand for waste treatment has fast outgrown the available EfW plants in the UK. Current facilities are full to capacity, and due to rising costs and availability of EPC contractors, the development of new infrastructure is slowing. In fact, only a handful of new UK EfW plants are expected to come to market in the next decade

  1. High demand in Europe

Although the UK have been supplying Europe with RDF for over a decade, there is now an unprecedented increase in demand, due to the global energy crisis derived from Russia. Simply, European EfW facilities are not able to run to capacity without overseas waste to satisfy the shortfall. Andusia are proud to have established long lasting relationships with some of the largest EfW plants in Europe, recently agreeing a 1m tonne landmark contract with Germany’s leading EfW group, EEW.

  1. Increased landfill taxes

From April 2023, landfill taxes increase to £102.10 per tonne. Taking site gate fees and transport into consideration too, sending waste to landfill continues to be an unappealing option – both financially and environmentally.

  1. Environmental benefits

European importers of RDF use it to fuel combined heat and power plants, producing heat for housing and industry, as well as electricity. For the most part, UK EfW plants only produce electricity, making less efficient use of the waste-derived fuel.

On another note, the carbon emissions associated with transporting the waste overseas are overshadowed by the carbon savings achieved through recovery. Whatever the method, Andusia keep transport miles to a minimum and only ever using backhaul transport that would otherwise be returning empty.

  1. No change in operation

Although you might think exporting RDF would be a time-consuming and confusing process, it isn’t! Andusia operate as a conduit between UK waste suppliers, who often don’t have the capacity to export independently, and recovery outlets across Europe. The export of waste is highly regulated; but as an experienced aggregator, Andusia do all the groundwork, so you don’t have to!

  1. No risk with Andusia

UK-based Andusia have been in the EfW export business from the very beginning. Having established ourselves as the UK’s number one independent waste aggregator and recently celebrating our 11thanniversary, we have now exported a total of 1.9 million tonnes of RDF. Working with Andusia, you can expect to deal with an experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly team, providing you with a reliable service from start to finish.

Andusia offer a competitive, fully collected service of waste, both baled and loose, in curtain siders, containers, walking floors or bulk ships. If you are a waste producer, get in touch today on 01992 666257 or to discuss your waste supply.