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Posted on: 27th Apr 2023

Jam then Cream? Square or Round?

Do you go cream then jam or jam then cream on your traditional British scone? It’s a heavily debated topic in the UK, but ultimately it does the same job either way (let the debate begin)! In the waste industry we have a similar topical debate… are round or square wrapped bales better or worse than one another?

Just like the way you structure your scone, waste bale shapes are completely subjective and either way provides a great sustainable solution for your waste and can be easily transported for a cost-effective, safe, and provide clean approach to waste management.

Traditionally we have supported square bales considering they provide neat and tidy material handling solutions with large operation efficiency. This is mainly since square bales have traditionally been able to hold large volumes of material and can be baled tighter and heavier when compared to round bales. This benefits the logistics and your transport and handling costs.

However, square baling can come at a cost (albeit worth it), which is where round bales can propose a cost-efficient solution yet still offering great output for wrapping and baling waste. Investment in round balers can be an affordable solution due to lower initial investment, yet still providing a compact and clean waste solution, with output from round balers proving just as good.

Andusia have adapted their waste management and transport solutions and are proud to support the movement of baled and wrapped waste, regardless of its shape, and strongly believe that either way works and ultimately diverts waste going to UK landfill and being used for energy.

If you need help sourcing balers, or would like advise on the best solution for your needs, get in touch with Andusia at and we will be able to point you in the right direction for sourcing those most reliable and affordable investments. Similarly, try our ‘Cost of Ownership’ tool to work out your savings.

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