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Posted on: 7th Jul 2023

Andusia Celebrate the Export of 2 Million Tonnes!

Andusia are thrilled to announce that it is celebrating the movement of 2 million tonnes of RDF to be sent to Europe for recovery!

Since Andusia’s launch in 2012, the company has grown to be one of the UKs largest independent exporters of RDF across Europe, celebrating many milestones over the 10 years. 2016 saw Andusia collect its 1,000,000th tonne back in 2018, 1,800,000 tonnes in 2022, and has since been on the countdown to 2023 with accelerated growth marking Andusia 2 millionth export milestone which they are pleased to report has been successfully reached.

The waste market is a fast-paced, ever evolving one that requires a lean approach to be able to match market demands. The evolving rules and regulations to the industry, although of paramount importance for safe and complaint export, mean constant advancement has been necessary to remain a market leader and provide the highest services possible. Since 2012 Andusia have widened their breadth of waste handling and have confidently exported various waste types since launching to match market demand and avoid UK landfill at all costs.

Mark Terrell comments on the changes Andusia have experienced throughout the years “Since exporting 1 million tonnes of waste back in 2018, a lot has happened in the RDF market and we at Andusia have continued to offer an excellent service to all our customers. In 2018 the UK exported more than 3 million tonnes of waste as RDF but there was a significant drop in exports due to the events in 2020, with the figures dropping by nearly half to 1.5 million tonnes per year today.  Although at Andusia we have managed to increase our market share and we export more RDF now than we did then.

The waste RDF market has gone through massive changes since 2018; the year 2020 had the most significant changes with the UK leaving the EU in 2020, the introduction of a waste incineration tax in Holland, Sweden, and Norway and of course the worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus.  These events in 2020 had a profound effect on the export of waste with waste volumes dropping and it is becoming more difficult and expensive to export RDF.   However, we at Andusia continued to work with our customers to export waste through these challenging conditions and 2023 is going to be one of our best years ever.”

Alongside an ever-changing market, comes a need to adapt our logistics offerings alongside it. As supply and demands change, so do methods of transportation. Since hitting 1 million tonnes back in 2018, Andusia has since developed their transportation offering and have become experts in bulk shipping which considers both volumes and location for a cost-effective approach. The team has expanded to manage all paperwork required for the highest quality movements, and they are consistently looking for new methods and routes to provide the best solutions for customers and the environment.

Chris May comments “As a result of the challenging RDF market, we have had to be more diverse with the shipping methods we use to ensure we can offer a reliable but cost-effective solution to each of the markets we deliver to. For example, we have shipped 5% of our 2,000,000 million tonnes via bulk ship but we have only utilised this in the last 3 years. We are also now moving loose RDF from UK to Germany via walking floors which is something new in 2023.

Logistics has also had its own challenges to overcome. Brexit had a big impact, with new procedures for customs, and then to a shortage of drivers in the UK, followed by fuel prices increasing we have had to utilise the different modes of transport ‘bulk ships, containers, curtainside trailers, walking floors’ to allow us to stay competitive.

We work with a selection of partners who have helped us turn our innovative ideas into real solutions which has helped with reaching 2,000,000 tonnes.”

Following a very successful 11 years in business, Andusia is excited to celebrate this milestone in RDF export and further confirm its position in the marketplace. This year in particular saw Andusia hit record breaking levels with 2023 H1 proving the best half year to date recording approximately 146,000 tonnes being exported, surpassing previous records dating from 2016. Andusia have also invested in the team to deal with the growing business demand and expanded business offering to be able to implement a larger number of solutions for customers. Combining hard work, industry expertise, and agile solutions Andusia will continue to offer a multitude of solutions which will allow them to use a wider supply base from energy waste management companies to ensure no one is excluded from the RDF export market.

Steve Burton comments “I’m grateful to everyone who has made this possible over the last 11 years. When we started the business we had no concept of how long the export opportunity would last, or the size of the opportunity. We are proud to have created a business that is sustainable as well as professional and focused on providing an excellent level of service to producers and offtakers. We will forever be proud of winning the Queens Award for International Trade and will strive to add the Kins Award to the collection in the coming years.”

Thank you to everyone who has supported Andusia in reaching such a monumental milestone. We look forward to many more successful years, helping prevent waste from UK landfill and working towards a more sustainable future.