Andusia News

Posted on: 7th Sep 2023

The best start to 2023 for Andusia…

The first half of 2023 has been a very busy one for Andusia resulting in the company hitting some of their best milestones to date in under six months!

This summer, not only did we hit our monumental achievement of exporting 2 million tonnes of RDF, but we have also handled just shy of 3.3 million tonnes. The handled number is higher than exported as we sometimes handle the same waste more than once between collection and recovery, for example delivering waste the loading port, unloading when a shipment docks and transporting waste to the end plant via truck would result in 3 separate handlings of the same waste. The majority of waste that Andusia collect goes straight to the end plant door-to-door, but for varying end plants there are more stages to the movement.

We are also ecstatic to report that we beaten our monthly records for 3 consecutive months. May, June and July 2023 have been the best months ever for tonnes and load numbers, recording over 100,000 tonnes of RDF being exported within that time.

Seven of the ten weeks throughout the months have also proven to be record breaking weeks, as we continue to set a new precedent in the amount we can effectively move and export for sustainable and greener waste management.

7 continual best performing weeks, 3 new monthly records in a row, plus hitting 2 million tonnes; that’s pretty impressive if you ask us!

We are proud every day that we are coming up with new innovative ways to transport and send waste to various waste to energy plants for energy recovery that would otherwise end up in UK landfill. In the last 3 months alone, the recovered waste would produce enough energy to power a Tesla (electric car) for 269 million miles or round the world more than 10,000 times!!

Our first half of 2023 has been a great success and demonstrates our commitments to diverting waste for landfill. We are committed to making everyone’s future a brighter place and our determination and recent successes reflect how hard our team are working to make that true. We are here to support anyone with their waste requirements so get in touch today on 01992 666257 or to discuss your waste supply. Here’s to an even better second half to 2023!