Andusia News

Posted on: 24th Oct 2023

Maddie Celebrates 8 Years at Andusia!

Andusia would like to congratulate and thank Maddie Goodyear, Assistant Accountant, for her 8 years of service at Andusia! This is a fantastic achievement for Maddie and we are all extremely proud of the progress and development she has made over the years.

Maddie joined Andusia fresh out of secondary school at the young age of 16, and has displayed pure dedication and drive to be where she is now. Maddie has spent many years studying for various qualifications to improve her professional skill set. Most recently, Maddie has been studying for her Level 4 AAT qualification which we are supporting her all the way!

With 8 years under her belt, Maddie is our second longest serving employee and really has seen the company grow over the years. Maddie shared “I’m extremely proud to have achieved all that I have over my 8 years at Andusia. I have been supported every step of the way, pushed outside of my comfort zone for the better, and have had the pleasure to watch and support the company grow from strength to strength”.

We would like the thank Maddie again for her continued support and service, long may it continue!