Andusia News

Posted on: 7th Nov 2023

Andusia hails record year for RDF exports

At Andusia, we are delighted to report that we are on track for our busiest and biggest export year ever! By the end of 2023, we will have exported more than 300,000 tonnes of RDF to customers in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Holland as we continue to broaden and strengthen our reach into European markets.

Since the lifting of lockdown restrictions, Andusia has experienced accelerated growth. In 2022, we exported 210,000 tonnes of RDF and are set to increase that tonnage by more than 50% 12 months on. We have also seen a 25% uplift in the last quarter this year, and this is set to increase further into 2024.

Across Europe and the UK, the trend for energy security is fueling much of this growth. We are seeing rising demand for renewable energy in all of the markets we serve and are helping to meet this demand with additional fuel supply as we expand further into our customer regions and enter new markets, including Scandinavia.

At Andusia, we have worked hard to build flexibility and expertise into our business model so we can expertly navigate and respond to these constantly changing dynamics in the energy-from-waste sector. Importantly, as our operations become more resilient, we are also better able to withstand any unexpected disruption and keep waste moving to where it needs to go.

Since 2018, we have evolved our logistics offering and now offer an unparalleled choice of delivery options by road or sea. We can export RDF on trucks, shipping containers and also bulk ships, the latter being more cost-effective for larger volumes (3000-plus tonnes of waste). We have also factored affordability into bale preparation and can support the export of round-wrapped bales alongside the traditional square ones.

By sticking to what we know best, we believe Andusia is now in a position to offer the UK’s most comprehensive service for RDF. Our growth is a testament to that and as we continue to build on our trusted waste supply networks, we will benefit further from customer loyalty and economies of scale. We are already working hard to increase our exports further into 2024 and beyond – watch this space!