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Posted on: 26th Mar 2024

Top Four Takeaways from the RDF Industry Group

Fresh from speaking at the RDF Industry Group members event in London this month, our director Mark Terrell took some time to take stock of the mood music in the room. Debate was lively and mainly centred around the economics of energy-from-waste (EfW), especially the rising trend for taxes.

Here are his ‘Top Four Takeaways’ from the event:

• There is currently no consistency in how EfW is being taxed across Europe. There’s a wide variation in how levies are being calculated and measured, with each country taking a different approach. This is causing some uncertainty and confusion, especially when waste is being moved across borders.

• The general consensus is that EfW tax is being used as an additional revenue stream for governments, with little or no end game. This could mean that opportunities to create an extended ‘producer responsibility’ type system for waste-to-energy infrastructure, where more sustainable plants are rewarded, are missed.

• The RDF market is showing plenty of buoyancy with well-established trading partners across Europe. This maturity should serve the sector well, especially as demand for waste feedstock continues to grow in the coming years.

• Next year UK landfill tax will increase by £22, ensuring that RDF offers even greater value as businesses look to mitigate these additional costs by diverting their waste into other disposal and treatment routes, including energy recovery. With domestic EfW capacity lacking, many are now sizing up the benefits of entering the export market.